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~Over 40,000 acres of bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops nestled in gray and tan limestone, Valley of Fire State Park contains ancient, petrified trees and petroglyphs dating back more than 2,000 years

~ Valley of Fire consists of bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops nestled in gray and tan limestone mountains. The sandstone is from the Jurassic period and is the remnant of the sand left behind by the wind after inland seas subsided and the land rose. Early man moved into southern Nevada as far back as 11,000 years ago. The most obvious evidence of occupation is the petroglyphs carved into the rocks by the Basketmaker culture about 2,500 years ago, followed later by the Early Pueblo culture. Paiutes were living in this area in 1865 when Mormons settled at nearby St. Thomas at the south end of the Moapa Valley. Farming, ranching and mining occurred in the region along a narrow stretch of water.

~ The Visitor Center provides exhibits on the geology, ecology, prehistory and history of the park and nearby region

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~ Valley of Fire State Park is open year round

~ The park is open from sunrise to sunset

~ Numerous intriguing hikes are available to visitors. Inquire at the Visitor Center for suggestions on day hikes of varying length and terrain

~ Pets are allowed, they must be kept on a leash of not more than six feet in length

~ All artifacts and other signs of early civilization and recent history are protected by state and federal law

~ Rock climbing is limited to specific areas in the park

~ Those with developmental and/or physical limitations are invited to enjoy all of the recreational activities of Nevada State Parks

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~ Removing, disturbing or damaging any historic structure, artifact, rock, plant life, fossil or other feature is prohibited. State and federal laws protect this area and its resources

~ WiFi is NOT currently available at Valley of Fire. WiFi installation is now underway at Valley of Fire State Park for limited areas

~ Metal detecting is permitted in designated areas with the permission of the park supervisor

~ The park also hosts an Annual Atlatl Competition in which participants test their skills with replicas of ancient spears

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