Valley of Fire Weddings

Valley of Fire Weddings

Helicopter Valley of Fire
Wedding Package

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A helicopter flight wedding to Valley of Fire State Park is a unique and unforgettable way to start a life together, with stunning aerial views and a one-of-a-kind experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Valley of Fire Helicopter Wedding

200+ Digital Wedding Photos INCLUDED!
Complementary Champagne and Bottled Water

$300 deposit
$3,699 balance (due 2 weeks prior)
$3,999 total (7 days/wk)

Valley of Fire Video

Wedding Package Details

Our wedding couples will receive exclusive hotel/air discounts that most often exceed other travel websites.

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Package Includes:

~ Officiant's donation included
~ Photographer's tip included
~ Our Sunset Weddings come with NO additional charge!
~ No Hidden Fees
~ Complementary Champagne, Bottled Water
~ Luxury Transportation to/from your hotel
~ We will take as many Digital Photos as possible, 300+ Sometimes.....
~ Instant access to your Wedding Video as we allow guests to take video and photos with their smartphone, we can supply a tripod for your smartphone if needed
~ Deluxe Hand Tied 12 Rose (color of your choice) Bridal Bouquet along with the Groom's matching Boutonnière
~ 2 Open Seats for Guests, Officiant and Photographer fly with you
~ Mobile Live Streaming is allowed (service depends on your mobile carrier)
~ Large individual bucket seats for the most comfortable flight
~ Guests may take photos/video with their mobile
~ Wedding Photo Link Provided for Download and Viewing
~ Your Wedding Photos will include candid and posed shots (group shots, family and friends)
~ We Capture those Special Moments throughout Your Wedding Day
~ ALL Digital Wedding Photos Copyright Released and INCLUDED!
~ We love Candid Moment photos because they give a real sense of the emotion felt on Your Wedding Day

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Our Commitment

~ We will change your date FREE of Charge
~ We understand that issues may arise
~ Book Your Wedding Stress Free
~ We are Here to Assist Throughout

Additional Information

~ You may Write Your Own Wedding Vows
~ Your choice of civil or religious ceremony
~ You must obtain your Marriage License here in Las Vegas prior to your wedding
~ Our officiant will sign and file your marriage certificate with the Clerks Office. The officiant will also go over these details with you the day of your wedding.
~ Duration: Please allow Approximately 4 hrs from pick-up until being returned to your hotel

Valley of Fire Sunset Wedding

Valley of Fire Sunset Wedding

Valley of Fire Wedding

Valley of Fire Wedding

Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding

Geology of Red Rocks

Heavily oxidized iron minerals create the red rocks
Oxidized rock containing ferric iron is reddish or rusty.
Ironstones are principally of Phanerozoic age,
Early Paleozoic (roughly 440 to 570 million years old) and
Jurassic (about 144 to 208 million years old)

Others have attempted to copy us to no avail

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